void AddView ( CView * pView );

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// The following example toggles two views in an SDI (single document
// interface) frame window. A design decision must be made as to
// whether to leave the inactive view connected to the document,
// such that the inactive view continues to receive OnUpdate
// notifications from the document. It is usually desirable to
// keep the inactive view continuously in sync with the document, even 
// though it is inactive. However, doing so incurs a performance cost,
// as well as the programming cost of implementing OnUpdate hints.
// It may be less expensive, in terms of performance and/or programming,
// to re-sync the inactive view with the document only with it is 
// reactivated. This example illustrates this latter approach, by 
// reconnecting the newly active view and disconnecting the newly 
// inactive view, via calls to CDocument::AddView and RemoveView.

BOOL CMainFrame::OnViewChange(UINT nCmdID)
 CView* pViewAdd;
 CView* pViewRemove;
 CDocument* pDoc = GetActiveDocument();
 nCmdID = LOWORD(GetCurrentMessage()->wParam);
 if((nCmdID == ID_VIEW_VIEW1) && (m_currentView == 1))
 if((nCmdID == ID_VIEW_VIEW2) && (m_currentView == 2))

 if (nCmdID == ID_VIEW_VIEW2)
  if (m_pView2 == NULL)
   m_pView1 = GetActiveView();
   m_pView2 = new CMyView2;

//Note that if OnSize has been overridden in CMyView2 
//and GetDocument() is used in this override it can 
//cause assertions and, if the assertions are ignored,
//cause access violation.
   m_pView2->Create(NULL, NULL, AFX_WS_DEFAULT_VIEW,
      rectDefault, this, AFX_IDW_PANE_FIRST + 1, NULL);
   pViewAdd = m_pView2;
   pViewRemove = m_pView1;
   m_currentView= 2;
  pViewAdd = m_pView1;
  pViewRemove = m_pView2;
  m_currentView= 1;
// Set the child i.d. of the active view to AFX_IDW_PANE_FIRST,
// so that CFrameWnd::RecalcLayout will allocate to this 
// "first pane" that portion of   the frame window's client area 
// not allocated to control   bars.  Set the child i.d. of the 
// other view to anything other than AFX_IDW_PANE_FIRST; this
// examples switches the child id's of the two views.

 int nSwitchChildID = pViewAdd->GetDlgCtrlID();

 // Show the newly active view and hide the inactive view.


 // Connect the newly active view to the document, and
 // disconnect the inactive view.


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