privatevoid AddView ( CView * pView );



Punkte zur Ansicht hinzugefügt werden.


Rufen Sie diese Funktion in eine Ansicht an das Dokument anfügen. Diese Funktion fügt die angegebene Ansicht zur Liste der Ansichten, die dem Dokument zugeordnet; die Funktion wird auch die Ansicht Dokument Zeiger auf dieses Dokument. Das Framework ruft diese Funktion, wenn eine neu erstelltes View-Objekt an ein Dokument anfügen; Dies geschieht als Reaktion auf einen Befehl neue Datei, Datei öffnen oder neue Fenster oder wenn ein Teilfenster aufgeteilt ist.

Rufen Sie diese Funktion nur auf, wenn Sie manuell erstellen und Anfügen eine Ansicht. In der Regel lassen Sie Dokumente und Ansichten zu verbinden, indem definieren einen CDocTemplate -Objekt zuordnen einer Dokumentenklasse, View-Klasse und Rahmenfensterklasse Rahmen.


// The following example toggles two views in an SDI (single document
// interface) frame window. A design decision must be made as to
// whether to leave the inactive view connected to the document,
// such that the inactive view continues to receive OnUpdate
// notifications from the document. It is usually desirable to
// keep the inactive view continuously in sync with the document, even 
// though it is inactive. However, doing so incurs a performance cost,
// as well as the programming cost of implementing OnUpdate hints.
// It may be less expensive, in terms of performance and/or programming,
// to re-sync the inactive view with the document only with it is 
// reactivated. This example illustrates this latter approach, by 
// reconnecting the newly active view and disconnecting the newly 
// inactive view, via calls to CDocument::AddView and RemoveView.

BOOL CMainFrame::OnViewChange(UINT nCmdID)
 CView* pViewAdd;
 CView* pViewRemove;
 CDocument* pDoc = GetActiveDocument();
 nCmdID = LOWORD(GetCurrentMessage()->wParam);
 if((nCmdID == ID_VIEW_VIEW1) && (m_currentView == 1))
 if((nCmdID == ID_VIEW_VIEW2) && (m_currentView == 2))

 if (nCmdID == ID_VIEW_VIEW2)
  if (m_pView2 == NULL)
   m_pView1 = GetActiveView();
   m_pView2 = new CMyView2;

//Note that if OnSize has been overridden in CMyView2 
//and GetDocument() is used in this override it can 
//cause assertions and, if the assertions are ignored,
//cause access violation.
   m_pView2->Create(NULL, NULL, AFX_WS_DEFAULT_VIEW,
      rectDefault, this, AFX_IDW_PANE_FIRST + 1, NULL);
   pViewAdd = m_pView2;
   pViewRemove = m_pView1;
   m_currentView= 2;
  pViewAdd = m_pView1;
  pViewRemove = m_pView2;
  m_currentView= 1;
// Set the child i.d. of the active view to AFX_IDW_PANE_FIRST,
// so that CFrameWnd::RecalcLayout will allocate to this 
// "first pane" that portion of   the frame window's client area 
// not allocated to control   bars.  Set the child i.d. of the 
// other view to anything other than AFX_IDW_PANE_FIRST; this
// examples switches the child id's of the two views.

 int nSwitchChildID = pViewAdd->GetDlgCtrlID();

 // Show the newly active view and hide the inactive view.


 // Connect the newly active view to the document, and
 // disconnect the inactive view.


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Siehe auch&Nbsp;CDocTemplate, CDocument::GetFirstViewPosition, CDocument::GetNextView, CDocument::RemoveView, CView::GetDocument